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For Members And Non Members

Co-op Gardening with HRSeeds will now be available for 2020! YES we are now offering you the opportunity to let us do it for you. Plans & Pricing are for members only and you can choose from 1 plant to 10 plants of your choice. We are only offering this for pepper plants only at this time but feel free to make a request and if it is something we feel we can grow and ship effectively then we may consider your request. This is your chance to have us at HRSeeds grow your plants for you! There are limits to what we will grow and what we will and can ship.


Co-op gardening is a good solution for those who can not grow there own gardens. We will also, as a courtesy make 2 videos showing your lot when plants are about 12 inches tall and another when harvest is ready and will up load the videos to heirloom reviews YouTube channel! Each lot will ship out your order at harvest time once at the end of the year around August or September or you can request an early harvest when the peppers are green but we will only ship once for the included price of your co-op agreement. You can have more shipped out with an additional shipping charges applied in which we will invoice you with. Not all pepper varieties are eligible for this co-op option. It is best to contact us first to make sure the variety you want us to grow is eligible for the co-op. We make no guarantee how much each plant will produce. However we will guarantee you will receive all the fruits off that plant(s) either ripe or unripe. We are not a certified organic farm but we do grow everything organically and never use any chemicals on your plants or in the soil! 

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